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Fugazi, May 3 1998, Newport Music Hall, Columbus Ohio


Fugazi was a great band that put out some great records. I still listen to 13 Songs and Repeater a couple times a year and I still love them.

The band could play great live shows, too, though it seemed like they never had fun doing it. They’d play a killer punk song that would get the crowd going, then singer Ian MacKaye would stop and tell everyone not to stage-dive or mosh. Then they’d play another killer song and people would start getting riled up, then MacKaye would stop and tell people to cool out again. Repeat(er).

The band had some kind of rule, or at least a goal, of never charging more than $5 or $6 for its shows. It also was big on being anti-corporate rock and anti-establishment. So I thought it was kind of funny that the tickets for this show carried a service charge that pushed the $6 face value up to about $15, and that the tickets list Bud Light as a sponsor. Oh well, at least they tried.