The Raconteurs, September 24 2008, Open Air Theatre, San Diego


Before this show, I’d seen the White Stripes four times and the Raconteurs once, and I was always blown away by Jack White’s performances. He’s one of those rare talents and had always been something to behold in the live setting.

That is, until this show. It was the least-inspired I’ve ever seen White on stage. The Raconteurs were still good and I still enjoyed the show, but it lacked those magical moments that White usually delivers.

The Raconteurs’ set ran about 75 minutes, which was fine by me. The sound mix was not so good, though. It was muddy and difficult to hear the vocals, especially down close where our seats were.

I didn’ t know what to expect from The Kills, who opened the show, and ended up liking their set a lot. I’ll try to catch them again when they play Coachella this year.


4 responses to “The Raconteurs, September 24 2008, Open Air Theatre, San Diego

  1. Mr. Judy Bauer

    I love the Kills! It’s unfortunate, though, that more people seem to know them now just because guitarist Hotel is dating Kate Moss.

  2. stubs and stories

    Heh, I didn’t know anything about the guitarist dating Kate Moss. I hope she doesn’t hurt his career like she did Pete Doherty’s!

  3. I think prefer The White Stripes to both The Kills and The Raconteur’s. The Seven Nation Army Duo have a more likeablility to them I think. Cooel blog By the way, check mine out


  4. stubs and stories

    Thanks for the comment, radioo. I also prefer the White Stripes to the Raconteurs (and The Kills). I was glad to see that the Stripes will be performing again soon. They’re going to be on the last Conan O’Brien show.

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