Z-Trip, September 1 2005, The Basement, Columbus Ohio


There aren’t many times I feel sorry for a performer, but this night was one of them. The show originally was booked for the Newport Music Hall, which has a capacity of about 1,800 and sits adjacent to the Ohio State University campus. Because of poor ticket sales, it was moved to The Basement, a tiny venue a few miles away that has a slogan of “You’ve gotta start somewhere.”

Turns out the show could’ve been moved to the promoter’s living room, as it seemed like only about 20 people showed up. But instead of cancelling the show or going through the motions for a little while and high-tailing it, Z-Trip made the most of it. He played a full show and did his best to entertain the few people there.

The show could’ve been a good one. The Black Sheep were the openers, and they put on a nice old-school set. And Z-Trip had some fun elements planned, including a bit where someone from the audience would play Pac-Man and Z-Trip would scratch and drop beats to accompany the Pac-Man music. Unfortunately, he picked someone who apparently had never played Pac-Man, or perhaps any video game, before, as she had several tries but could barely move the character and was killed by Blinky or Clyde in a matter of seconds each time.


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