Guns N’ Roses, June 1 1991, Capital Music Center, Columbus Ohio


This was the one and only time I saw Guns N’ Roses and I had a good view because our seats were in the fifth row. It was early on the “Use Your Illusion” tour. In fact, the two Use Your Illusion albums wouldn’t be released for another three months.

The opening act was Skid Row, who were fairly popular at the time. They weren’t too memorable, though.

For unknown reasons, Axl Rose decided to kick the GNR set list off the stage just a couple songs into their show. For the next two hours-plus, the band played a set that covered a wide range of their material, as well as a few covers such as “Live and Let Die” by Wings and “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan (both covers appeared on the Illusion records later.) The lack of set list meant there were delays between songs as the band discussed what to play next, but the band played well enough to keep the momentum going.

The people-watching was particularly good at this show. Lots of metal dudes and babes partying hard. I’ve never seen more women wearing halter tops in one place.


3 responses to “Guns N’ Roses, June 1 1991, Capital Music Center, Columbus Ohio

  1. I was there! Pantera opened which was killer! GnR started about midnight. they played untill about 2:00 Am.

  2. yep I was there too. you forgot to mention that axle was in the foot imobilizer jumping around stage like a mad man with a broken foot. lots of bare skin too. My first and only time drinking a real bottle(s) of night train. and i thought skid row rocked too. and i dont remember pantera being there, but as i said before i was really drunk. I think we all were in the sixth row or so. dead center and it was epic. lots of booze and smoke. Ive been to lots of concerts and they all pale in comparison to GNR.

  3. was my first show at age 15, got smoked up drunked up, freiking awesome! My stepbrother knocked down like five chicks to retrieve a drumstick from gnr. ahhhh memories. i dont recall pantera either, like joe c i was out partyin too! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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