Urge Overkill, August 9 1993, Stache’s, Columbus Ohio


I was a diehard Urge Overkill fan for several years, and this show was right in the middle of that period. To pay homage to Urge’s swizzle-stick shtick, I had a pre-show cocktail party with several friends at my apartment.

I also marked the occasion by wearing the vintage, glittery iron-on “God’s Gift to Women” t-shirt that I’d found at a thrift store a few weeks earlier. It’s one of the coolest t-shirts I’ve ever owned.

I’m pretty sure the show was sold out. At least it was very packed, as was often the case at Stache’s, the now-closed precursor to the now-closed Little Brothers. It was a hot and sweaty night there, so much so that a friend who’d tried to throw his gum away didn’t realize it had stuck to his fingers — until he put his hand on my back and got chewed gum on my “God’s Gift to Women” t-shirt.

I’m not 100% sure about the date on this because you can’t make it out on the ticket, but I’m pretty sure this show was after Saturation was released so it would be 1993. This was not the show where Urge played with Nirvana on the Nevermind tour. I didn’t make it to that one, though I did see Nirvana there on the Bleach tour.


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