The Who, June 8 1980, San Diego Sports Arena


I was in pain when I went to this show. I’d gone to the beach earlier in the day for some Boogie Boarding and got a wicked sunburn on my back. Every time I moved, my shirt would scratch against the sunburn and I would hurt.

The Who cured that pain, at least temporarily, as I was so fired up by seeing them that I forgot all about the sunburn. It was their Who Are You tour, their first without Keith Moon. Seeing Roger Daltrey twirl his microphone around, Pete Townshend do his windmill guitar playing and John Entwistle hit his bass groove was very exciting for me. I bought a t-shirt at the show and wore it almost every day for the rest of the summer.

The ticket says “obstructed view” on it, but that was because we were in a section on the side of the stage and some seats in the section were partially blocked by poles. We had a great view, though.

Here’s the setlist, according to some Who fan site. Not bad, eh?

Substitute; I Can’t Explain; Baba O’Riley; My Wife; Sister Disco; Behind Blue Eyes; Dreaming From The Waist; Drowned; Who Are You; 5.15; Pinball Wizard; I Can See For Miles; Sparks; See Me, Feel Me; My Generation; Naked Eye; Won’t Get Fooled Again
Encore: Dance It Away; Summertime Blues; The Real Me


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