Beastie Boys, March 11 1987, Hara Arena, Dayton Ohio


I’ve seen the Beastie Boys seven or eight times over the years, and this show, my first Beasties experience, was by far the craziest. It was their first tour as headliners, done while Licensed to Ill was hot, and featured opening acts Fishbone and Murphy’s Law.

The stage setup included a DJ stand for Hurricane that was made of two six-foot Budweiser cans, a go-go dancer in a cage who took her top off at one point, and a giant inflatable penis that shot up from a trap door.

Beer was flying everywhere hroughout the entire show. Roadies would throw cans of Budweiser to Ad-Rock, MCA or Mike D., and the Beastie Boy would open the can, take a big swig, then chuck the rest of the can into the audience. It chaos, anarchy, very punk rock.

I couldn’t find a set list for this show, but here’s one from a Cleveland gig 12 days later. I’m guessing it’s pretty close.

Slow and Low / The New Style / She’s Crafty / Time to Get Ill / She’s On It / Paul Revere / Rhymin’ & Stealin’ / Posse in Effect / Slow Ride / Hold It Now, Hit It / No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Here’s a clip from their Licensed to Ill video. The show was something like this.


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