Primal Scream, May 31 2000, St. Andrew’s Hall, Detroit


While I like Primal Scream, the main reason I drove from Columbus to Detroit for this show was because Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine was playing guitar with the Primals on this tour. I’m a huge MBV fan and never got to see them when they were around in the ’80s and ’90s, so this was my first time seeing Shields on stage. (I’ve since gone to see MBV, but that’s another story for another day.)

I got to Detroit early and went for dinner and a pre-show drink at a pub around the corner from St. Andrew’s Hall. In walked Bobby Gillespie, Mani and the rest of Primal Scream — except for Kevin Shields. I got to talking with some of the band members and hung out with them a bit, even going onto the tour bus with the drummer for a little while. I got to see Kevin Shields’ bunk on the bus, but no Kevin.

The band put on a great show that night, and even though I couldn’t make out which guitar bits Shields was playing, it was cool to see him on stage.

As a bonus, DJ Kid Koala played a gig in the room below the concert hall after the show, and tickets were only $5. I watched in relative awe as Koala mixed record after record using markers on his vinyl for cue points instead of headphones.


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